Nyan-Nyanning the Nyight Away.

23 May

I’m going to be totally honest with you. As I enter the final week of my year long adventure, the overwhelming feeling is relief… It’s been a grand adventure, but sometimes an extremely draining one.

But before we get to the last week of (365) Days of Sammy, here are my adventures of the last few days.

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Four: Watch the entire season of a TV show in one day.

I love Weeds. It’s one of the funniest and most irreverent shows on air, and to use one of my most favoured adjectives… it’s awesome. It’s also a really bad show to watch because it makes me think, ‘yeah, I could totally be a drug dealer! It’d be great!’ Obviously, it would not be great and may put a severe dampener on my future career as a teacher.

Nevertheless, I love this show and when I got the sixth season on this cold Thursday I began watching it immediately. I spent the whole morning watching it, went to work for the afternoon and evening, then came home and watched until just before midnight when I finished the season and went to bed.

It was a wonderfully lazy day, and would have been perfect had I not ruined it with work! Of course, I decided that, given the epic laziness of the day, I should probably go to the gym the next day. Which leads me to my next adventure…

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Five: Almost pass out at the gym.

I went to the gym before work on Friday and about fifteen minutes into the class I started feeling a little woozy… It’s not the first time I’ve felt sick at the gym before (never EVER do an aerobics class after a Hot Chocolate!) so I took a few deep breaths and had some water and waited for it to pass.

It did not pass. Instead I began to feel like I was going to simultaneously throw up and pass out, so I did the only sensible thing I could think of. I grabbed my bag and hoofed it to the bathroom as quickly as I could!

After sitting in the changing room for about fifteen minutes trying to settle my stomach and stop my head from spinning, I felt a little better, so I drive home and spent the rest of the day feeling dizzy and sick. It was not fun. In retrospect, it was probably a combination of the vertigo that I sometimes get and not having eaten much during the day.

The moral of the story is that I’m a bit of an idiot… I have now learned my lesson!

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Six: (Almost) Eat the most amazing French toast ever!

I went to a breakfast meeting on Saturday morning to Longbench on Darby Street. I did not sit at a long bench, but I did order French toast with maple syrup and bacon and it was the most amazing French toast with maple syrup and bacon that I have ever eaten! The bread was about an inch and a half thick, the maple syrup was delicious and syrupy and the bacon was that perfect combination of crispy but not burned. It was perfect. Unfortunately it was also enough to feed an army so I didn’t finish it.

But its deliciousness totally made my day.

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven: Copy a TV series to DVD.

I just downloaded the sixth season of How I Met Your Mother (possibly the greatest show ever!) and when I told little sister she was all like ‘What! I want it too… Can you burn it onto a DVD for me?!’

‘Sure thang’, I replied (I may or may not have been speaking with a southern accent).

My response was a little hasty though, ‘cause I’ve never actually copied a movie, TV series or really anything from my computer to a DVD. So of course, I turned to Google and voila! Like magic (if magic took hours and heaps of CPU horsepower) it was done. Now all I have to do are the other 3 discs… Sad face L

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Eight: Watch non-stop Nyan Cat.

Um, Sammy, what the hell is Nyan Cat? This is Nyan Cat

And how does one go about watching it non-stop? Just go here and have your mind blown.

Okay, why would you do that? Well, it’s actually really motivational… I got more housecleaning and uni work done while listening to this crazy little cat nyan-nyan away than ever before. It’s so freakin’ addictive! I listened to this crazy monstrosity of awesomeness for 1203.2 seconds… That’s 20 minutes!

Seriously. Mind. Blown.


Superman and Other Domestic Adventures.

18 May

The last few days have been a kind of haze of assignmenting and other fun uni stuff, so I haven’t had a lot of time for adventuring. However, I have managed to make sure that I do at least one new thing a day; I’m so close to the end of this adventure, I’d probably kill myself if I missed a day and had to start again. So here are the last couple of days of new things. I would ask you to come back tomorrow for another update, but it is going to be a crazy busy day tomorrow and I will have no time to update. However, I swear on the grave of my mouse Hercules that I may or may not have murdered at the tender age of ten (me… the mouse was eight months old), I will update you on Friday. And maybe even share the story of Hercules’ murder (although I prefer the phrase ‘involuntary manslaughter brought on by serious neglect’).

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-One: Spend more on nail polish than is probably sane.

And because it says Do Not Steal on the image, here's the photo credit - http://nailjuice.blogspot.com/2009/04/opi-vintage-violet.html

A while ago, a friend painted my nails with Chanel nail polish and, instead of feeling like the cheap tramp that I usually do when I paint my nails, I felt kind of awesome… until I found out said nail polish was $40 a bottle. Just a little over my nail polish budget, especially given that my nail polish budget is zero.

But I really loved this nail polish, and it took every ounce of my willpower not to buy it. I was seriously weakening though, and was this close to caving and just buying it when I went to DJ’s on Monday and came across an equally cute but somewhat cheaper OPI nail polish called Vintage Violet.

I caved and bought it and it wasn’t ‘til I got home that I was like, ‘What the fudge?! Did I really just spend $20 dollars on nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate, just so I could lacquer my finger (and toe) nails for a couple of days and feel pretty?!’

Hell yes I did… I’m probably insane, but I don’t care. It’s a really pretty colour and it’ll look awesome with the dress I’m wearing to a wedding in a couple of weeks!

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Two: Watch the series finale of Smallville.

I’ve watched Smallville, the story of Clark Kent through his teenage years and his journey towards becoming Superman, since it first began ten years ago. Ten years is a hell of a long time to watch a series and I won’t say I’ve loved every minute of it, but it’s been great mental chewing gum.

So when I watched the series finale I was a little bit sad but also a little excited for the long awaited sight of Clark in the Superman costume. I was not let down. It was exactly what I wanted from a series finale of a fun but fluffy show; a totally geek-fest with all the requisite romantic/comedic/dramatic/hot-Tom-Welling-ness. I loved it!

Day Three Hundred and Fifty-Three: Use Iron-On Hemming Web.

I have short legs. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve learned to survive with a complex set up of stretching, reaching, jumping, stools, ladders and smiling nicely at tall people.

Unfortunate, I have not yet convinced pants manufacturers to make what I call normal length pants. Every single pair of pants I have bought in my life have had to be hemmed up. This is usually done by my Mum or eldest sister because they either love me, or I’ve blackmailed them into doing it (usually the latter). When love doesn’t work, or I have nothing to hold over them, I get by with too long pants.

I bought an awesome pair of jeans yesterday ($80, marked down to $30) that seemed kind of perfect, but when I wore them out and about today I realise that they were annoying long. So on my way home I bought what I thought to be hemming tape; you know the stuff that you place over the folded up hem, and iron on to keep it in place.

Apparently though, I bought hemming web. I didn’t really notice the difference until I started to iron it over the hem and it just burnt away to a crisp. It was most curious. So I actually read the instructions and discovered that you place it under the hem and when you iron it, it kind of melts into a glue that holds the hem up that way. Like magic!

So now, I have miraculously shorter jeans and not longer feel like I’m wearing clown pants! Hurray.


The Cautionary Tale of a Junkie, Standing Still.

15 May

I’m a stationary junkie. Not like a junkie who doesn’t move, but someone who’s addicted to stationary. I literally cannot go into a stationary store without buying at least a pen. I don’t know what it is, but I can spend hours in a stationary store browsing through pens and notebooks and files and highlighters and staplers. I just love it… It’s like therapy. So really, today’s adventure is not really so surprising. In fact the only surprising thing is that it’s taken me this long to do it.

Day Three Hundred and Fifty: Buy a designer notebook.

Ain't it purty?!

I was at the Borders liquidation sale at Kotara today; everything is 50-70% off and (until Tuesday) a further 10% off your total at the checkout ( Just to clarify, this post is not sponsored by Borders).

I was browsing through and came to their stationary section where I beheld the most beautiful notebook ever. It was a Christian Lacroix Papier journal and it was amazing… Of course, I had to decide if I should get it in Fuchsia or Absynthe (also known as bright pink or lime green for all those who don’t speak Lacroix!) Given that there was a massive sale, I ended up getting both, of course. What’s this willpower you speak of?

I think I love it mainly because I love saying Christian Lacroix.

I can’t wait to start writing in them, but I think I have to buy a super pretty pen first. It just wouldn’t feel right scribbling with a ballpoint… Hmmm, is there such a thing Stationary Anonymous, ‘cause I think I have a serious problem!


It’s a Long’n.

14 May

Woot! With this post we are finally up to date, and rather excitingly, only 16 days until the end of this rather epic adventure! Phew…

Day Three Hundred and Forty: Give up on reading War & Peace.

Way back at the beginning of this adventure on of the new things I chose to do was to read Tolstoy’s War & Peace. As of this day, the 5th of May, I have officially given up on reading this monstrosity of a book.

Sure, it might be one of the classics and on the must-read-before-you-die list, but I just don’t care. I can’t finish this damn book, and I’m so bored to tears by it that I don’t want to.

Call me a heathen, call me what you will, but I am done. I give up. I am not reading one more word of this book. It’s over!

Day Three Hundred and Forty One: Make an origami dragon.

Even before I decided to read War & Peace, I was inspired to make 1000 paper cranes… I’m still going. One thousand is a hell of a bigger number than it seems, and I am really sick of freaking paper cuts!

But at work the other day, we had an origami competition (‘cause that’s the sort of things that happen at my work!). Given my awesomeness at making paper cranes, I figured I had it in the bag… until someone pulled out the instructions for an origami dragon.

Well, being the competitive bitch that I am, of course I had to win! So I got started on making this dragon. It was really freakin’ hard, and in the end it didn’t actually look that great. I prefer the simple beauty of the paper crane!

And by the way, I did not win the competition… I’m actually not sure who did, but rest assured that next time we have an origami competition I will win, damn it!

Day Three Hundred and Forty Two: Get a new wheelie bin.

I got home from work on Saturday and lined up outside my apartment block were six gloriously clean, red-lidded wheelie bins, each with an information booklet tucked under the lid.

Apparently Newcastle is transitioning to a three bin system – a red lid bin for general waste, a yellow lid bin for recycling and a green lid bin for green waste.

I am ridiculously excited about having a new bin! Seriously, there comes a time in your life when you might as well just give up and become a cat lady, and I think that getting excited about having a new bin is that turning point!

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Three: Celebrate my first Mother’s Day without seeing my Mum.

This year, for the first time ever, I didn’t see my Mum on Mother’s Day and I want to be an awesome daughter and say that it was horrible, not seeing my Mum… but honestly, it wasn’t that big a deal for me. I guess I’ve finally got used to not living near my parents. I should note here that I do miss my parents (it’s okay Mum, I know you’re reading this, and I still love you!), but not seeing them all the time is okay too…

I am not a total disaster when it comes to being a good daughter, though… I did speak to her on the phone and told her I loved her.

Love you Mumma xxx

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Four: Celebrate the first annual Epic Fail Day.

May the Ninth will now be referred to as Epic Fail Day and here’s why.

I showed up, not only at the wrong time, but on the wrong day for a group meeting for a uni assignment.

I went to get some groceries, and only realised once I was at the checkout that my wallet (ergo, all my money) wasn’t in my bag.

It took me twenty minutes to get out of the parking lot at the shopping centre.

I drove halfway home with the handbrake on.

When I got home and got my wallet, I thought ‘Gee, the sky looks a little overcast; I should probably bring my washing in. Nah, I’ll do it when I get back’. I was five minutes away from home, driving back to the grocery store when it started pissing down with rain.

And finally, when I went back to uni for a class, only to discover it had been cancelled.

Epic Fail Day.

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Five: Start writing my memoir – The Worst Year of My Life.

It has been documented many a time that 2010 was unequivocally the worst year of my life. So when an assignment in my Creative Non-Fiction subject required me to write a memoir of part of my life, I decided that writing about the worst year of my life would be a good memoir subject.

So on Thursday, I began to write about the worst year of my life… Unsurprisingly, it has not been as easy as writing about fun stuff, but on the upside it’s been extremely cathartic and therapeutic and all that jazz.

I think the hardest part so far is knowing that, as I write about this horrid year, I’m going to have to hand it into my lecturer… Eeeep!

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Six: Create a pair of typing gloves.

Ummm, what?! Well, my hands got really cold while I was typing up an assignment the other night, so I put some

The typing gloves formerly known as... socks.

gloves. As it turns out, it’s really hard to type while wearing gloves… like practically impossible. Of course the next best thing would be fingerless gloves, but I don’t have any and all the shops were closed, so I couldn’t go out and buy any.

Then, while avoiding the assignment and chatting with my flatmate, we came upon a really great idea… ‘typing gloves’!

Typing gloves are really just socks with the toes cut off and a thumb hole cut in the heel, but I swear to God, these are the greatest things I ever made.

Interestingly, they could also double as trumpet playing gloves, as well!

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Seven: Buy the highest heels I have ever worn, and begin the journey of learning to walk in said high heels.

Yes, I took this photo in the store so I could text the awesomeness of the shoes to my sister... Don't judge me!

I found the most spectacular heels I have ever seen on Thursday. Of course, being pay day and all, I immediately bought them… I’m nothing if not an impulse buyer!

They fit really well, they match perfectly with the dress I’m wearing to a wedding in a few weeks, they abso-freakin’-lutely stunning, and they make my arse look great, if I do say so myself!

Unfortunately they are also a good 2 inches taller than I’m used to in heels, so I am finding it extremely difficult to walk in them. I’ve been practicing like crazy over the last couple of days and, while I can stand still and walk (slowly) on flat surfaces in them, I am still preparing myself to tackle stairs or even a slight slope.

They really do bring new meaning to the term ‘killer heels’.

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Eight: Get my Green P’s.

As we are all painfully aware, I left it a long time to get my P’s. But now, a little over a year since I finally got my red P’s, I’ve finally taken the test to get my green P’s. Happily I passed, and now am one step closer to getting my full licence.

Even better, I got rid of the horrid shaven-headed licence photo that made me look like a skinhead just released from prison with a taste for blood!

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Nine: Listen to someone Treasure Hunter on ABC 1233.

Basically Treasure Hunter is a show on one of the local radio station where, every Saturday morning, two studio contestants have to solve clues hidden around Newcastle and the Hunter Region with the help of the listeners.

This morning, a friend of mine was one of the contestants, so of course I had to listen. It was so much fun! The clues were crazily cryptic and I have no idea how they actually figured out some of the clues; I am terrible at lateral thinking, and can’t do a cryptic crossword to save my life!

But, I did have my moment when they mentioned the line from Crowded House’s Weather with You – ‘walking round the room singin’ Stormy Weather, at 57 Mount Pleasant Street’. Well I googled that street, and lo and behold, there is a 57 Mount Pleasant Street in Maitland right in the area they were searching for the next clue. So I rang in and told them, and the next thing I knew I was sharing my discovery on the air! So, hurray for me being on the radio!

Also, congratulations to the Rev for being a great contestant and solving the clues to become 1233s latest Treasure Hunter. I am so tuning in next week!


A Disney Kind of Week.

11 May

Once again, I’m writing what seems now to be an empty apology for not updating as regularly as I promised to… I swear, I do have good intentions! It’s just that I am a little lax into turning those promises into updates.

But here, for your perusal and, I hope, enjoyment are my adventures of the 28th April through to the 4th of May.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Three: Go on a nostalgia tour.

I picked Captain Awesome up from school on Thursday afternoon and took him out for ice-cream; the Wendy’s Mint Madness ice-cream in a waffle cone is foodgasmic, by the way!

After finishing our ice-creams, the Captain and I decided what we should do next. ‘How about the library’, I suggested, having not been to the local library in the ten years since I moved away from my hometown. On our walk over there, we ducked into the pet shop, still own and operated by the grumpy Dwarf (seriously, not kidding!) and the ABC Shop that I used to love to go to. We finally got to the library and found a copy of my favourite book from my childhood (Finders Keepers by Emily Rodda), and had I still had a library card there, I would have borrowed the crap out of that book! We then did a drive by my old house, and went to the park I used to play at as a kid. It is totally different and about ten more awesomes!

It was such a great afternoon, and exactly what I needed to remind myself of how far I’ve come in my life.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Four: Watch the Royal Wedding in its entirety.

Okay, so we all know I’m a hopeless romantic, but honestly I planned not to watch the Royal Wedding at all. I mean, how’s it going to sound when I marry Prince Harry and I tell his family that I watched Will’s wedding on TV!

However, not being completely insane, therefore accepting the fact that I am (probably) not going to meet Prince Harry, let alone marry him, I decided that I could at least have a bit of a perve on him.

So there I was on a Friday night, curled up on the couch in my pyjamas, with a packet of Tim Tams, a bottle (I mean glass) of wine, and feeling like a total spinster.

Of course, I ended up watching the entire thing, and feeling like a love-struck teenager the entire time. I loved it!

What were they thinking?!

And because it wouldn’t be a Royal Wedding post without mention of Princess Beatrice’s hat, I have to say, screw Beatrice… what the hell was Eugenie wearing?!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Five: Go out drinking whilst on antibiotics… In other words, be very, very naughty.

So, I was sick last weekend with a throat infection, and on antibiotics to clear it up.

But I also had to go to farewell drinks for a work friend (now just a friend, I guess!). Of course, I had to have at least one farewell drink! And then another, and another and…

Well as it turns out, I didn’t drink all that much, but even a little alcohol mixed with antibiotics and Sudafed makes you really drunk!

In no way am I condoning this behaviour… But it was an extremely fun and cheap night out!!! The next morning though, I felt like death.

I was a very naughty girl!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Six: Watch Starship.

Early on in this experiment, I wrote about watching A Very Potter Musical. Team Starkid, the amateur theatre group behind this epic musical have done a number of other shoes including, A Very Potter Sequel and Me and My Dick. Their latest musical sensation is Starship, the story of a bug called Bug who dreams of leaving the hive to become a Starship Ranger.

I have to admit I didn’t love it as much as some of the other stuff they’ve done, but it was still pretty damn awesome! The musical numbers were wonderful, the characters were great and the sets (particularly the puppets) were phenomenal! The standouts for me would have to be the enormously talented Lauren Lopez as Taz and the equally talented but much sexier Joe Walker as Up.

This whole theatre company is amazing and I only hope that they continue making totally amazing musicals from now until I stop liking musicals (which will be never…).

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Have an epiphany about how the world has changed.

Obviously I am fully aware that the world has changed somewhat drastically in my lifetime. I remember having a Walkman as a kid where I could play one cassette at a time and I always forgot to rewind the damn things! Now, I have a device that’s not just a phone and an internet browser and game platform, but also contains every single piece of music I own; close to 4000 songs. Not to mention the couple dozen books, movies and podcasts stored on it! So yeah, the world has changed just a bit.

But it has never been any clearer to me that the world has changed in an immense way than when I was browsing Facebook at about 1pm on Monday the 2nd of May and I saw that a bunch of people had posted that unconfirmed reports suggested that Osama bin Laden was dead. Within a couple of hours my newsfeed was choked with reposted news reports of the President Obama’s address, musings on the celebrations that were taking place across the world, and of course, that Martin Luther King, Jr quote that turned out to be not quite real.

It was an astounding moment for me; not just that Osama bin Laden had been killed, but the manner in which I found out about it; bloody Facebook.

I remember walking up the morning of September 12th 2001 to my alarm clock, and instead of the dulcet tones of whoever hosted Triple J morning show at the time, I heard the horrific news that planes had crashed into the Twin Towers. Honestly, I didn’t even know what (or where) the Twin Towers were, but I do remember knowing this was somehow important, so I rushed into the living room, turned on the TV and watched this horrific event unfold. It was unimaginable.

Now, almost ten years later, I heard no radio report, saw no TV broadcast, read no newspaper article. Instead, while procrastinating from writing an essay, I find out about the death of one of the most significant men in recent history via Facebook. Bloody Facebook.

How the world has changed…

As a side note, bin Laden died on May 2nd 2011 (approx. 2am Pakistani time). Exactly thirteen years prior to this, on May 2nd 1998, in a hidden castle in Scotland, the Second Wizarding War ended with the death of Lord Voldemort… Coincidence?! I think not!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Get a new muffler on my car.

I have said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again. As much as I love my car, I freakin’ hate my car! There is pretty much always something wrong with her and when I do get something fixed, something else breaks! So when I took my car in for a rego check, I didn’t expect it to be totally fine. But I didn’t expect to have to fork out $300 for a new muffler, either!

But now, Elliott has a new muffler, which I suppose is a good thing, although I haven’t noticed any difference in driving her in the week or so since I got it. I imagine it’s important, but really, she’s just as crap as ever

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine: Celebrate May the Fourth.

May the Fourth is a particularly wonderful day for any Star Wars fan for quite a simple reason. It is International Star Wars Day.

Having only learned of this wondrous celebration last year, I resolved to make sure this May the Fourth was a filled with Star Wars geekdom and nerdiness as possible. So I watched some Star Wars, read some Star Wars expanded universe fiction, played with my lightsaber (yes, I have a real fake lightsaber!) and wished everyone I saw a happy May the Fourth with the spectacular pun ‘May the fourth be with you’.

It was nerdtastic!


This post was brought to you by Walt Disney.

Why is it so Hard to Think of a Title for a Blog Post?!

7 May

I can’t believe I’m really so close to the end of this adventure!!! Here’s another update for the week of the 21st to the 27th of April. Enjoy!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Six: Eat at the Bar on the Hill.

Isn’t it pathetic…? I’ve been at Newcastle Uni for five and a half years now (Oh God, has it really been that long), and while I’ve drunk many a night away at the Bar on the Hill (so named, for those who don’t know, because it is a Bar, on a Hill), I’ve never eaten there.

This is somewhat of a travesty because for one, it’s one of the cheapest places to eat on campus, and two… actually there is no two. It’s just a hell of a lot cheaper.

So, after a lecture on this sunny Thursday, Uni-buddy and I decided to get some lunch before our tutorial. ‘How about the Bar on the Hill’, Uni-buddy suggested. I agreed, and we wandered over to the bar. After ordering (a Vege pasta for her, and an interestingly named Italian Meat pasta for me), we sat on the verandah and ate our delicious and cheap pasta.

I feel like a proper uni student now… it only took me five and a half years.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Start reading George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

A couple of weeks ago what’s shaping up to be a really great show started airing. It’s called Game of Thrones and not only does it have Sean Bean in it (whose name I always pronounce as Seen Been), but it’s friggin’ awesome. It became about a jillion times more awesome when I discovered it was based on a series of books.

So of course I, being the book nerd I am, jumped onto iBooks and immediately downloaded the first two books. Reading them on my phone was a bit daunting at first… It’s a little scary looking at the bottom of the page and seeing that you’ve read 152 out of 3148 pages! But nevertheless I read and loved the first two books and am currently engrossed in the third of the series. They’re great books and have everything one needs in Fantasy fiction; swordfights, kings and queens, sex, dragons, a dangerous quest, betrayal, a little bit of incest, a dwarf and some creepy mysterious bad guys… I love it!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight:Listen to the entire discography of a really awesome artist.

I love Regina Spektor. Seriously, if I swung that way, I’d probably want to marry her. Her music is wonderful and fun and amazing and quirky and splendiferous and a lot of other really great adjectives.

On this extra long weekend I had not a lot to do (or more specifically, not a lot that I wanted to do), so I grabbed my brand new book, put on some music and spend most of the day curled up on the couch reading, with the soft strains of Regina in the background.

After Live in London finished, I was still in the mood for Regina so I played Far, followed it up with Begin to Hope (Bonus Track Version) and Songs and, since I was on a roll, ended my day with 11:11 and Soviet Kitsch.

It was an awesome day; nothing beats a chilled out day of reading and listening to fantastic music… I really want to go to Splendour in the Grass now and see Regina’s show!!!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Nine: Go swimming in The Tanks.

I was visiting my parents over Easter and on this beautiful, sunny, so-not-Autumn day, we decided to go swimming. ‘Why don’t we go to The Tanks?’ Mum suggested. Not knowing what she was talking about, we all just smiled and nodded, and headed to the beach.

As it turns out, The Tanks are not some weird sewerage contraption… rather, The Tanks are a natural rock formation on the beach at Forster.

The best image of The Tanks I could find... I recommend you just go there!

Basically, about twenty metres off shore there is this big up-shoot of rocks that create a kind of semi-rockpool. The water rushes in and out from each end, and occasionally crashes over the rock. It is my kind of beach! It doesn’t get too deep, and the water is amazingly clear, so I can see all around me (meaning I can keep an eye out for the giant man-eating piece of seaweed who’s decided to embark on its journey for oceanic domination with my foot as dinner).

I loved it, and will definitely be swimming there next time I visit the Mumma and Dad… provided the weather’s okay. I’ve tried the swimming in winter thing once, and I won’t be doing it again!

Day Three Hundred and Thirty: Attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and not freeze to death.

I went to an ANZAC Day Dawn Service a couple of years ago with the eldest sister. Picture it, if you will; dark, raining, on the beach and probably the coldest day of the year so far. The wind was so strong that I’d abandoned holding my umbrella over my head and instead had it wrapped around me like a coat. I got home with what seemed like a severe case of pneumonia, and I didn’t think I’d ever get warm again!

So when the whole family decided to go to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Forster I was less than happy, but being the dutiful daughter I am, I agreed to go. To be honest, I kind of wanted to go anyway; this year was the first ANZAC Day my family have observed since my Pop died, so it was kind of important. But I sooo was not looking forward to freezing my ass off!

However it seems the awesomeness of Forster just never stops! I woke a little after 5am and dragged myself out of bed to begin layering up. Singlet, shirt, jumper, cardi, jacket, scarf, hat, jeans (with tights underneath), socks, shoes, and a microwavable heat pack to tuck into my jacket. I was set.

Of course, within five minutes of arriving at the Cenotaph I was sweltering. I ditched the jacket and the heat pack, unwound the scarf and enjoyed the service in blissful comfort. Lest We Forget.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-One: See the most craptastic film ever!

Yep… Craptastic is a word. And yep… the film I saw on this rainy Tuesday was it. A big ball of crap and fantastic all rolled into one. What was it? you ask… As if you don’t already know.

That’s right folks, I saw The Fast and the Furious Five (or Fast Five as it’s also known). And yeah, it was awful… so of course, I loved every minute of it!

I have to admit though, I only saw it ‘cause Thor wasn’t showing in Forster.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Two: Snag a free ticket to a No Free Tickets movie.

Back in Newcastle on Wednesday and feeling a little bored, I decided I really, really wanted to see Thor; Fast Five might have fulfilled the need for speed, but it was lacking Thor-y goodness! So I took myself to Newcastle cinema and bought myself a ticket. Of course, I handed over my Cine-Buzz card to score points toward a free ticket.

‘Looks like you have enough points for a free ticket’ the cahier told me.

Honestly, but stupidly, I replied that I thought Thor was listed as No Free Tickets, since it had just been released.

She shrugged and told me that since they weren’t too busy she’d give me the ticket for free. I replied with a vociferous woohoo and, free ticket in hand, settled in for a two hour Chris Hemsworth perve-athon. I was not disappointed!


Some Spaztastic Adventures.

4 May

I know, I know. I haven’t written for ages, and I’m a terrible person, and goven that I’m almost at the end of this year long adventure, I need to get my head out of my ass and pick up my game.

So here’s the first of a couple of updates documenting the last three or so weeks.

Day Three Hundred and Nineteen: See an animated film in 3D.

I’m not a big fan of 3D films. The charge an arm and a leg for tickets, most of them are converted to 3D in post-production so the quality isn’t that great, and the glasses make me look like a total spaz.

Sure I loved Avatar; the visuals were amazing, and though the story was a little been-there-done-that, it was still a good one. But Avatar was made to be a 3D film, and did a damn good job of it! Other than Avatar, I’ve pretty much avoided 3D films.

Wow... Just wow.

Recently though, I came across an article that suggested 3D animated films were the bomb-diggity. Okay, that wasn’t the exact wording, but I’ve searched everywhere for this article and can’t find it, so I’m paraphrasing. Basically, the article suggested that creating a 3D animated film is no more expensive than creating a regular animated film, and therefore most of the animated films that we see these days will be in 3D. Of course that opens up a whole other can of worms; if shooting the film doesn’t cost any more, than why should tickets? But we’ll leave that for another day.

Anyway, on this lovely Thursday I was looking after Captain Awesome and, having promised to take him to a movie, we went and saw Rio 3D. It was one of the cutest and awesomest movies I’ve seen in ages. A big thumbs up… And the 3D-ness just made it that much more awesome… I’ve always wanted to see Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, and the ginormous 3D animated version of it was almost as awesome as the real thing. Oh, and I totally want to go to Carnival as well!!!

While I still don’t love live-action 3D-converted films, I am all for 3D animated films.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty: See The Evening Son play.

The Evening Son are the band a work friend of mine plays in, and now having spent one Friday night watching them play, I can say that they are a great band a work friend of mine plays in. If Stone Temple Pilots had sex with Tool, they would sound like The Evening Son… And yes, that’s a good thing!

With the lead singer of The Evening Son.

So, when they are famous rock stars, I can say I knew them when!

Oh, and you can check out their EP on iTunes.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-One: Walk home all by myself at 4am and scare the crap out of myself.

After my big night out on Friday, seeing The Evening Son play and then heading to The Station for a big of karaoke and grooving, I caught the bus home. I got off the bus a little before 4am at the top of my street and began the walk home. There were four problems though.

One, I was really, really drunk.

Two, I was all by my lonesome.

Three, my street is much longer at night than it is in the day.

Four, the only thing I could think about was a story in the local neighbourhood watch newsletter from about five years ago about a woman getting attacked in the public bathroom near the library.

All of these combined turned me into a complete mess, and I ended up running most of the way home. Like, actually sprinting… It was terrifying. Once I was home, I put my jammies on, climbed into bed and sang My Favourite Things to myself to calm down.

I am a tool. Seriously.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Two: Get struck by the realisation that I am, in fact, getting old.

I spent all day and night on Saturday recovering from Friday’s epic night of drinking and debauchery, and awoke on Sunday… feeling no better!

What the flip, thought I, how is this fair?!

And then it hit me, like a big old anvil! I am getting old!!! No longer can I go out and get drunk three nights in a row, spend Sunday recovering and start the week bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (well, not that I ever really did!). Now, it takes me an entire weekend to recover from one night of partying! I’m sooo old!!!

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Three: Forgot how to spell ‘school’. Seriously.

Yes. That’s right. I, a soon-to-be educator, forgot how to spell school. I was staring at the computer screen for a good five minutes trying to figure out how to spell the stupid word! My head just couldn’t get it together. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I’d had a stroke or something… actually, I don’t know better. Maybe I did have a stroke?!

Finally, I grabbed my phone, and used Google voice search to figure it out. S-C-H-O-O-L. Just so you know.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Four: Own a cow.

I went to trivia on Tuesday night, and upon arrival, was presented with a belated birthday present. A cow.

Okay, not a real cow (I wish… I’d name it Norman). Rather, it’s a microwavable heat pack shaped like a cow. And his name is Cow, He is soft and squooshy and snugly, and I love him.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Five: Talk my way from a Pass to a Credit.

I got an assessment back on Wednesday, and was given a grade of 62% for it. I was kind of okay with that, ‘cause I hadn’t really put a boatload of effort into it and, after all, P’s get degrees. Toward the end of class, my tutor advised that if we had any questions about the assignment we should come and speak to when class finished. I didn’t have a question about my mark (as I said, I kind of deserved it) but I’d missed the last couple of weeks of seminars, so I wanted to see if I’d missed anything majorly important.

We got to talking about the assignment, and I honestly don’t know what I said to her, but all of a sudden she said to me, ‘actually, I think I’ll change your mark to 67%.’

I thanked her, of course, saw her note it in her grade book, and then promptly left before she could recover from what I can only assume was an aneurysm.

So, hurray for me, and for tutors who decide to change grades because they clearly think I am awesome!!!